Reach deep into the mysteries of Kumano with an experienced guide
Just off the path is an unmarked shrine or stone Buddha; or a huge tree whose age reaches into history; or a piece of history reminding us of the legend of Oguri Hangan.  On your own, you might pass these by and miss some of the magic of Kumano. Come with us and you won’t miss a thing.  As we walk we will unravel Kumano’s history and mystery and bend our ears to its nature and culture.  You’re sure to have a trip that you’ll never forget.

Mi-Kumano Bilingual Guides, your bridge to Kumano
Mi-Kumano is a not-for-profitorganization that provides bilingual guiding services in the heart of Kumano.  Our professional guides, who hold a national-level qualification, share with you their knowledge and experience of Kumano.  We can tell you about the popular walking cources here, and can build itinerary that fits your needs exactly. Kumano has long been known as the hidden Japan. We guide you through its magic for an experience unattainable elsewhere.

Benefits of traveling with a bilingual guide
①Unravel the meanings of Japanese customes, understand hidden legends.
The magic of traveling with a guide is learning about the out-of-sight spots you never would have found yourself.  Our guides will shed light on the mysteries of Japan and give you an insight into its cuisine, culture, and way of life.

②Have peace of mind knowing you won’t get lost or miss your bus.
Kumano’s beauty is in its natural surroundings, which means that there are many difficult roads and routes to navigate.  With a guide you don’t need to worry about the bus schedule; we can have you at your lunch spot when you get hungry; you’ll never get lost on the path.  Focus on your vacation and leave the particulars to us.

③Communicate with locals for a cultural experience that tourists rarely get.
Let us be your window to Kumano’s culture.  Whether you’re experiening a local festival, enjoying seasonal delicacies, or finding out about traditional crafts, we want you to enjoy an informed and meaningful experience that you’ll remember for years.