Surrounded by mountains and ocean, Kumano is blessed with home-grown vegetables and rice, and fresh-caught fish. Our cuisine, always served in season, will complement your journey perfectly.
Mehari Sushi  Mehari is a rice ball of white or vinegared rice wrapped in the pickled leaf of a mustard palnt. Because it’s easy to make and eat, it became a traditional food of mountain workers and farmers of Kumano. There are various stories of the origin of its name, which include that “your eyes will open wide in astonishment” of its deliciousness.
Saury Pressed Sushi A whole pickled saury fillet is pressed on a slab of sushi rice, giving this dish its name “Stick Sushi.”  Saury plentiful around the Kii Peninsula, so it’s always fresh and delicious.  Saury is a rich, dark meat fish, so it’s high in healthy oils and a perfect pick-me-up for lunch on the trail.
Eel Dishes Utsubo morey eels that live along the coastline are relative of the river eels, unagi.  Long prized for their rich nourishment, their umami flavor is also strong, making them popullar as sushi, tempura, and hotpot soups.
Seasonal Sashimi The coastal town of Tanabe offers excellent seafood year-round such as shirasu young sardines, tuna, bonito, grunt, and sunfish, which are at their most delicious eaten fresh and raw, in season.